A hammer to break anything! The Montana excavator hydraulic breaker

A hammer to break anything! The Montana excavator hydraulic breaker

Montana Breaker combines high operation efficiency and nitrogen gas energy for powerful breaking force. With a Montana hammer breaker achieve excellent impact energy in many different rock and concrete breaking applications. Our hammers provide exceptional performance and efficiency whether you’re breaking quarry rock, tearing out reinforced concrete abutments or working a demolition.

Hammer Breaker Applications

Impressive Power

Noise Reduction Technology

Minimized Recoil

Why Work With Montana?

Montana Breaker is a leading manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic hammers. Our jack hammers are known for their power, reliability, and safety. Built to Montana specs.

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• Constant Reliability
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A Stronger, Tougher Hydraulic Breaker

We manufacture stronger, tougher hydraulic skid steer rock breakers and excavator breakers so you can have powerful breaking force without compromising reliability. Whether you rent skid steer and excavator attachments, perform demolition, excavation, municipal work, quarrying, or general rock and concrete breaking, Montana Breaker is built to withstand the toughest jobs.

Reduce Down Time with our Hydraulic Hammer Breaker

Reduce downtime and improve productivity with a stronger and tougher hydraulic breaker and skid steer concrete breaker. Montana builds these breakers to be powerful!

Imagine a demolition where hydraulic excavator breakers and skid steer concrete hammer breakers efficiently pound away at tough materials.

That’s the reality with stronger and tougher Montana rock breakers. These hydraulic breakers are built to handle heavy-duty situations. No need to sacrifice reliability or performance.

Increased power and toughness: Montana breakers handle hard materials such as rock, concrete, asphalt, and other materials, with ease. This lowers the risk of breaking or damaging the breaker attachment. Now you can focus on getting the job complete with minimal downtime!

  • Easy maintenance: Hydraulic breaker attachment designed to easily service and repair, saving time and minimizing downtime.
  • Improved productivity: These machines can break through materials more efficiently, reducing the time and effort required to complete tasks, and maximizing project productivity and profitability.
  • Safety First: These hydraulic breakers have noise-reduction technology, and shock-absorbing lower recoil for on-the-job safety.

Get a durable excavator hammer to reduce downtime, boost productivity, and complete your projects on time and on budget.

Talk to a dealer today to purchase your hydraulic excavator breaker and skid steer breakers. Choose Montana Breaker to fulfill all your rock breaker needs!